Institute for Maritime Operations Training - Military and Law Enforcement MIO

Professionalization and the development of personal as well as team-based resilience are essential objectives of modern training in order to meet the requirements and basic conditions of operational scenarios in a globalised world. In this context, the maritime environment plays a key role, as global infrastructural links are forged via the world’s sea routes.

When it comes to implementing training projects in a complex environment such as the maritime economic area, a strong partner is required for conceptually designing, planning and implementing training services of various intensity levels – IMAF, the Institute for Maritime Operations Training, is just such a partner.

This is evidenced by the support services provided by our company for the German BMVg in maritime military training projects in the past especially for the German Naval Forces via the German DoD, as well as a cooperation agreement concluded for an initial period of 5 years with the NMIOTC, the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Center on Crete, based on a currently very short, nevertheless already very successful cooperation with IMAF instructors.

This cooperation agreement not only includes the provision of IMAF instructors, but also the purpose of jointly developing new training courses as well as the further development of the existing training courses of the NMIOTC.

As a result of this cooperation, the MIO training and advanced training courses for soldiers from NATO partner states and friendly nations have been able to be carried out by a combination of IMAF and NMIOTC trainers nationwide since 2022 and are therefore not just limited to Germany and Crete.

Additional information you will find under NMIOTC press releases for the courses 7000 and 8000.