Our Service: Appropriate and Resource-efficient

As a civil service provider, we are in a position to offer complex training scenarios in the maritime environment, including the necessary means of staging the exercise, in a way that is customised to your needs and time constraints.

Our service spectrum ranges from the supply of technically skilled staff through to material planning and services, from special platforms for individual or permanent arrangements to the provision of complex equipment and staff solutions within the framework of national exercises or international manoeuvres with amphibious components.

This specifically includes:

  • support with training projects in offshore and port areas from staff acting in a realistic way;
  • provision of platforms for implementing target practice at sea or for simulating targets or towed targets;
  • scenarios involving opponents for training projects below the conventional conflict threshold in the maritime and urban environment;
  • support with testing organisational or infrastructural security vulnerabilities;
  • provision of realistic special platforms within the context of individual or fixed-price arrangements;
  • staff and material support for realistic procedural training in maritime interception operations;
  • material, staff and technical support for system training on high-speed platforms.

Our services are always based on the current security policy framework and tailored to the individual requirements of the troop units engaging in training.

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